About Us

Tree Felling Johannesburg

Awesome customer care, awesome prices and awesome people!

Tree Felling Johannesburg is a family business which was started in 1996 and has now become a family and friends business because it has expanded and grown in unexpected ways!

Today we employ over 15 people, we own over 5 vehicles and heavy duty machinery and equipment. Our team is trained and certified to operate the vehicles and do high risk jobs.

Tree felling is an adventure on its own!

Tree Felling Johannesburg has been a part of the great tree felling industry for over 20 years now and there is never a dull day, every day we get requests such as:

  • Tree Felling Inspections:- An inspection can help you know exactly what’s going on with the trees in and around your property and you can choose to move forward with our suggestions.
  • Tree Felling Accidents:- Many people think they can just cut a tree and know where it is going to fall and many inexperienced cases we find that injuries, damage to property and expensive expenses have popped up in a few moments.
  • Tree Felling Services:- We are able to provide you with quick solutions to any tree problems you might be going through and we will ensure you keep them in check for good.

Tree Felling Johannesburg’s specialists are always on the move and you never know where in Johannesburg they may be, we offer 24/7/365 daily services at the most affordable rates when compared to other companies.

Don’t be over charged and don’t try to do it yourself unless you are a pro, call Tree Felling Johannesburg and we will happily take care of all your tree felling needs.